• House & Contents Insurance

    After the Christchurch earthquake, it has highlighted the importance of having the right and adequate cover on your house and contents and not just that, insuring with a secured company has become the most important thing after the fall out of some insurers. You can buy covers directly online but the benefits of insuring through us will outweigh the premium savings you may make going direct. We may be able to save you even further. Receive sound advice on the cover and also assist you during claims.

  • Landlords Protection Insurance

    LandlordPlan offers you the financial protection you need against the loss or damage to your property as a result of malicious damage, vandalism or theft by your tenant(s). Loss of rental income is also covered! This means you keep on receiving the rental income you have counted on receiving, for the time it takes to make repairs to the property and/or the time it takes to get a tenant back into your property.

  • Private Motor Vehicle

    we can arrange from Third Party only to full comprehensive covers for your private cars. Our recommended panelbeaters can also provide you with the free courtesy vehicle whilst your vehicle is repaired by them.

  • Travel Insurance

    We have access to various companies Travel Covers, contact us today for a comprehensive quote

  • Life Insurance

    Expect the unexpected!! We have access to All major Life Insurance companies

  • Trauma Insurance(Critical Illness)

    The most critical cover one should have along with Life Insurance. How many of us have heard a close friend or a loved one being diagnosed with a life-threatening illness??? Would you be able to pay the mortgage or other loan or simply maintain your lifestyle? Imagine the stress caused on the family. Here you will receive a lump sum payment if you were diagnosed with a listed illness on the policy subject to each companies criteria. You could either pay towards the treatment overseas or even take a short break away.

  • Total Permanent Disablement (TPD)

    Accidents are prone to happen, but what if it was a major accident where you are not able to perform your day to day activities and get back to work. Yes ACC does pay, but it doesn’t pay 100%. Premiums for TPD is so little.

  • Income Protection

    As mentioned above, TPD or Trauma can provide you with a one-off payment, but Income Protection covers are the mother of all covers. You are covered for the longer period, a percentage of your regular income up to age 65, which will not jeopardise the quality of lifestyle that you had been enjoying.

  • Mortgage Protection

    Mortgage and Income Protection insurance can help cover your monthly mortgage instalments or other expenses if your earning capacity is seriously affected by illness, disability or redundancy. An Optional Redundancy cover benefit is also available.

  • Medical Insurance

    Private Health Insurance is a must. A free healthcare is not suitable for everyone. Will you be able to bear the suffering if you had been diagnosed with even a minor illness? With such long waiting list at Public Hospitals, you never know when your number will be called up. Have yourself treated in a private hospital where you will receive preferential treatment? There are various options available to suit your budget.