Renovating your current home is the next viable option for many home owners who want to expand or improve their current property

If you would like to use the extra value in your home to improve your lifestyle or make some improvements to your house, then we can arrange a sensible top up with a sensible repayment plan. We will look to your own bank to provide this in the first instance, but at the same time, we will review your situation and may advise you to change banks if it will give you a better deal.

The choice will be yours.

In some cases, property owners, will be able to redraw any additional payments they’ve made on their existing loan to cover renovations. In other cases, you will need to apply for a supplementary loan and draw on the equity you have built up in your home or investment property over time.

Loan Structure

  • There are different  mortgage structures that can allow you to pay your mortgage off sooner, or provide you with some certainty about your payments.
  • Should you fix your mortgage interest rate for a certain length of time or have some of it on a floating interest rate? Which should you choose? What about repayment options?
  • The key to all this is to get an independent, expert overview of your options so you get the best deal given your individual circumstances.
  • At Eclipse, we have access to several different lenders, criteria and options.
  • Want to hear more – it costs nothing to ask and you might be pleasantly surprised at the difference that good advice can make.