We understand how distressing it can be to someone who has suffered a loss whether it is something you possessed or someone you loved.
At Eclipse Insurance we promise to deliver exceptional Claims service. We will

  • Assist you from day one to until the claim is settled to your satisfaction
  • Keep you regularly informed of the claim progress
  • Ensure that the claims are settled without much delay and without causing much disruption to your everyday life.
  • We will endeavor to have your claims settled as favourably as possible. We have on several occasion, helped our client claims settled favourably when sometimes insurers had differing views in settling the claim.

In addition to above we will also offer you…

  • A FREE loan vehicle in the event of an accident in the Auckland area, keeping you mobile while your vehicle is being repaired – by using our recommended panelbeater.(They will pick your damaged vehicle and drop of a courtesy vehicle at no cost to you)
  • An informative, entertaining NEWSLETTER, sent to you with our compliments three times per year
  • Professional ADVICE, whenever you need it-at no additional cost
  • GIFT CARDS, when you refer a new client to us.

Motor Vehicle

Chipped or broken windscreens

If your claim is for windscreen damage only:

Call us and we’ll give you your policy number and the details of the nearest Nouvas or Smith & Smith Glass, who will come out, at your convenience, to repair your windscreen, you can also choose to go to another repairer if you prefer.

Vehicle accidents

What to do after an accident

If you’ve been involved in an accident and your vehicle can’t be driven, secure it as best as you can and take your personal items with you. If you need to arrange for the vehicle to be towed if the vehicle is immobile, your insurer we’ll reimburse you once your claim is accepted.

If other vehicles were involved, give your name and contact details to the owner(s). It’s important not to admit you are at fault as this can limit our ability to act on your behalf.

What information to provide

If your vehicle has been in an accident we will need:

  • Rego numbers of all vehicles involved.
  • Details of all drivers involved – name, address, birth date, contact details and driver licence information.
  • If someone else’s property was damaged we’ll need their name, address and phone number.
  • Name and contact details of any witnesses and passengers.
  • Police acknowledgement number if there is one.
  • Location and time of the accident.

Stolen vehicles

If your vehicle’s been stolen:

  • Let the police know immediately.
  • Take note of the police acknowledgement number.

General Claims

The building claim process

If your home, or commercial building has been damaged, let us know as soon as possible. Once your claim is lodged, we’ll need a damage report from a repairer to confirm the damage and how it was caused, along with photos and an estimate of what it will cost to fix. In some cases, your insurer may appoint an assessor when you lodge the claim or when we receive the report.

Minimising further damage

Sometimes you might need to act straight away to stop damage to your property getting worse. If this happens remember to take photos at the time and keep any damaged materials. Here are some tips to help prevent further damage before help is on the way.

Flooding – storms or burst pipes

  • Turn water off at the mains if the flooding is from pipes or the hot water cylinder.
  • Contact a local carpet cleaning company for advice about how to start drying your property.
  • Dry things out as best as you can.


  • Gather up and secure any loose materials to prevent further damage to your or your neighbour’s property.
  • Use temporary covers to stop rain entering through the roof or windows.

The Contents Claim Process

Remember to keep the damaged contents you want to claim for. If you’re claiming for spoilt frozen or refrigerated food, take photos before you throw it out. Once your claim is lodged we will need a report from a repairer to confirm the damage and what caused it, and an estimate to repair or replace the items. In some cases your insurer may appoint an assessor when you lodge the claim or when we receive the report.

Claiming for lost or stolen contents
If you have lost an item, or had something stolen:

  • let the police know straight away and take note of the police acknowledgement number

Once your claim is lodged we’ll need a list of the items, their approximate age, and a quote to replace them. We will also need proof of ownership such as receipts, photos or warranties.