• Public Liability

    insures your business for its legal liability for accidental injury to a third party or damage to their property

  • Statutory Liability

    policy protects your business from fines, penalties, and reparation imposed by the courts for unintentional breaches of most laws in New Zealand. It also covers the legal costs of investigating and defending claims.

  • Employers Liability

    This insurance covers you for legal liability and associated legal costs for an injury to an employee (where not covered by ACC).

  • Employment Disputes Liability

    provides protection to employers for personal grievance actions taken by employees and prospective employees as a result of the unjustified dismissal, discrimination or other disadvantages.

  • Association Liability

    provides protection to those engaged in community or industry associations who might be held personally liable for mistakes, errors or omissions (Wrongful Acts) whilst undertaking their duties for the association.

  • Trustees Liability

    This policy protects trustees from personal liability resulting from actions while carrying out duties performed for the trust.

  • Professional Indemnity

    For most of the Professionals Out there. This provides protection for businesses and professional persons in respect of legal liability arising from the conduct of their practice or business.

  • Cyber Liability

    Covers Losses suffered from Cyber Attacks to your business IT System

  • Directors & Officers Liability

    provide protection to directors and senior management for wrongful acts committed whilst carrying out their duties associated with the management of the company.

  • Management Liability

    is a special Liability package arranged by few insurers comprising some of the above covers plus more

  • IT Liability

    For IT Professionals… provides cover for actual or alleged error, omission, act or conduct in providing IT-related services, advice, specification or work. It also covers technology products where IT services have been provided.