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Rohit Patel

Founder and Managing Director
Ph: 027 414 2099, Email: rohit@eclipseinsurance.co.nz

Rohit Patel
Rohit is the founder and Managing Director of the company with over 20 years of insurance experience. He has worked for State Insurance for almost 7 years in various roles, this included managing direct clients as well as intermediary business. The company went through a major restructure and this gave the opportunity for him to start his own business in 2003 and since then has never looked back. Rohit is involved in the overall management of the business and ensures that it’s heading in the right direction and always looking at ways to improve the quality of services the company delivers and implement strategic plans to grow the business further. He also gets involved in technical claims when the need arises.

 Apart from running the business, Rohit enjoys meeting people,listening to music and playing Football, and is into all types of sports.Married and with two adorable and active kids, most of his time is spent with them with their day to day activities, so he is always on the go…

Avni Patel

Ph: 022 345 1679, Email: avni@eclipseinsurnace.co.nz

AvniAvni joined our company in 2010. Having a background in commerce, she understands the needs a business requires. Her role as the Office Manager ensures that all our day to day running of the business is in order. She also manages the renewal and new business of all our clients’ insurances and ensures all their covers are in order and in line with the clients’ needs. She has built a very good rapport with all our clients and is a valuable member of our team. A very capable person that you are assured to get the best service.

Avni is married with a lovely baby boy. After hours she enjoys spending
time with him and also enjoys dining and meeting friends, going to gym, play badminton, listening to music and enjoys watching documentaries.


Harish Tailor

Ph: 021 711 210, Email: harish@eclipseinsurance.co.nz

HarishHarish is one of our most experienced team members, with over 30 years of General Insurance experience, you know you are in safe hands. He joined us in 2010 migrating from U.S. Prior to that he was based in Fiji working for international broking firms(Sedgwick   & Marsh Ltd) where he gained valuable skills and knowledge of the insurance market. Harish is our Senior Business Development Manager, where the focus is to build and maintain client relationship with our larger clientele. He has brought with his vast experience from working with corporate clients in the past. He is available to discuss all your insurance needs. Harish, specialises in Professional Liability covers, Construction, Marine and other Medium to large clients.

Harish is married with two elder daughters.He recently became a proud grandfather. After work he enjoys being involved with community work, jogging, meeting people, watching movies, listening to music,watching football and yes not forgetting a very supportive sports fan of his local sports club.

Bhakti Patel

Ph: 022 345 1679, Email: bhakti@eclipseinsurance.co.nz

BhaktiBhakti began work with us in 2014. A Bachelor in Business Administration and having completed further studies in NZ a Post Graduate Diploma in business administration, boast the quality of our team that we have. A humble and very pleasant nature is some of the many qualities Bhakti has, that is of some much value to our company. She brings with her great knowledge in insurance and customer care skills from her previous work whilst she was working for a broker in U.A.E. and UNICEF.
You are assured to be in best hands when dealing with her.

Bhakti’s role within our company is a Senior Insurance Coordinator. She manages to look after new clients and ensures all policy documentations are in order. She also provides a hand in managing claims when the need arises. She is an all-rounder.

She enjoys her time cooking, listening to music, watching movies, meeting friends, reading, when she is not doing insurance…

Naresh Palsania

Ph: 022 345 1679, Email: naresh@eclipseinsurance.co.nz

nareshNaresh, another one of our most experienced and qualified team member with over 22 years of General Insurance experience, joined us in early 2016. He brings with him a wealth of knowledge in underwriting and claims experience from his previous work in South Africa. Having him on board adds to the strength of our team that we currently have and we are very proud to have him in our organisation. A very pleasant and easy going nature is what makes our clients so easy to deal with him.
Naresh manages all our clients claims right from the beginning till the claim is settled. Having worked in underwriting, he understands how it all works on the other side of the fence. He ensures that all our clients’ claims are settled in timely and as favourably as possible.

When not working Naresh enjoys his time with his lovely family and being married with two elder boys is a hand full for this dad. He enjoys reading, watching movies, surfing the net, and spending quality time with family and friends. Naresh also has a passion for Indian music and as an active member of the Rylands Cultural Association in Cape Town, he was involved in the production of Countless concerts throughout South Africa over a period of almost 10 years.

Saurabh Risbud

Ph: 022 320 4247, Email: saurabh@eclipseinsurance.co.nz

SaurabhSaurabh our newest member, joined us in 2016. A Bachelor of Commerce student and completed his Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration from AIS in NZ enhances the quality of Team Eclipse. He brings with him a wider knowledge and experience from his work experience in Mumbai, India. Having worked for Bajaj Allianz, Reliance General and Tata AIG General Insurance companies built a wealth of knowledge for him in the general insurance industry. He has managed brokers of various large international insurance firms, the likes of AON, Marsh, Willis(now known as Almonds). Not only does this add value to our business but it also gives us the credibility of having such experienced people in our Team.

Saurabh, is also our Business Development Manager whose role is to take the company to another level utilising his skills and experience. He is available to discuss and review all your insurance needs. Call him today to make an appointment and he will come out to visit you at a convenient place and time that suits you.

Saurabh, enjoys cooking, trying new dishes is one of his hobbies and also loves watching football and follows English Premier League regularly.